Show flow (Agenda)

The show flow includes: start and stop times of presentations and who the presenter is for any given General Session or meeting. These two things combine to give us the show flow.

Speaker timer

Big red LED digits allow you to see the timer even at great distance, so you are free to move while you give the presentation.

Stage Directions

Stage left, stage right, up-stage, and down-stage refer to the perception of the stage in relation to where you are standing. The rear of the stage is considered up-stage. This derives from the raked stage, where the stage sloped up away from the audience. The front...

Stage Wash

A “wash” is a general “fill” of light and color evenly across the stage through the use of lighting fixtures and colored using colored lighting gels. It’s also known as a...

Step-down effect

A method for aligning the drape to be slightly lower than the top of the screens. This is often utilized to add more impact to the audience.


A piece of equipment usually used with a video that allows multiple input sources to be distributed to an output. It also allows dissolves, wipes, faded, cuts, and a host of other transitional visual effects. Switchers can also match different resolutions and scan...