Aisle mics

Microphones that are placed throughout the audience for questions during the presentation. Should be mounted on 5ft mic stands.

ARRI Lighting System

This is a type of lighting for video recording of presentations for web posting.  This is not used for the professional reproduction of keynote addresses or important presentations.  The lights sit on the stage floor near the presenter so the camera can pick up the...


An acronym that means audience response system, which is a system that allows a group of people to interact with each other and a presenter by voting on a topic or answering a question. Depending on the audience response solution chosen, each person has a device with...

Audio Snake Channel

An audio multicore cable (often colloquially referred to in the US and Canada as a snake cable or just a snake) is a thick cable which contains from four to 64 individual audio cables inside a common, sturdy outer jacket.